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Better Than The Best BY JAMES OH

Better Than The Best BY JAMES OH
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Sunday, 30 May 2010


Dear loving readers and visitors,

The two photos were taken at the second upper ball of the TV tower above the ground. You may notice that I was standing on top of the transparent glass floor.

For those who fear heights, perhaps you may try out my little advice. Do not look down on the transparent glass, which make you frighten. But you should look direct at the glass window and walk on top of the glass floor. Look down slowly at the moving vehicle just below the glass floor. Amazing that the fear which trouble you much earlier has disappeared. This small exercise has proven that you can overcome anything if you could shift your mind set to other things that are pleasing to you. It also well illustrated that the real or perceived danger of what you think of is equally powerful and can be treated as a threat to you if you are not handle it with care. This shows how important is the control of your mind and emotion. Do not let others to manipulate you.

This similar principle can apply to life as well. Do not focus on something that is painful to you because it brings hurt to you. It may stir up your emotion and make you blame others for causing such pain to you. If you allow that to happen, then you may be easily manipulated and made use of by others for their selfish agenda. Be aware of such dogs.

As such, just stay focus on something healthy and you will be rest assured that lots of things are not that bad as what you first thought. Just like the above example, the fear is not real, but if you are not careful, you may perceive it as real.

Cultural show outside the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower.

Me at the museum of old town at the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Lujiazui is located in Pudong New Area on Century Avenue One. The construction was began in 1991 and was finished in 1994. The main structure of Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower is 350 meters high; it is the third largest TV tower all round the world besides Toronto's TV Tower of Canada and the Moscow TV tower of the former Soviet Union, and the first one in Asia. Oriental Pearl TV Tower is comprehensively used for sightseeing, meeting, exhibition, meal, shopping, amusement, lodging and TV broadcasting. It has been the symbolic building of Shanghai in 21st century. Currently, the number of passengers and tourism earnings are ranked the second place in the world. It is only inferior to French Eiffel Tower.

The revolving Oriental Pearl Restaurant is located on the upper ball 267 meters of the TV tower above the ground. It is the highest revolving restaurant in Asia. Its business area is 1,500 square meters. It is able to accommodate 350 guests for dining. Restaurant at the same time can offer delicious set meals and Sino-foreign self-help dish. More than 100 kinds of delicacies are supplied without interruption.Simultaneously sharing delicacy and scenery with our best friends or lovers will be a romantic experience.

Shanghai city-history exhibition hall is also located in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower with an area covering over 6,000 square meters. It is for history education, culture, appreciation, tour and amusement. It is an innovative display. At night, seeing Oriental Pearl TV Tower far away presents you a colorfulness and attractiveness structure with neon-light illumination.

Thanks for your time and trust it is of assistance to you,

Look forward to seeing you again,

James Oh

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