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Better Than The Best BY JAMES OH
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Wednesday, 30 March 2011



Dear loving readers,

The above photo is taken at Leifeng Tower, Hangzhou and a very significant and inspiring revelation which I like to share with all of you. I hope it will inspire you, the same way as it inspired me.

Originally constructed in the year AD 975, it collapsed in 1924 but was rebuilt in 2002. Thereafter, it has been a popular tourist attraction. From the above photo, you may notice that there are elevators to bring its visitors to the foot of the pagoda. Here, i realized that is even more glory than its past glory before it collapsed. The reconstruction with modern features such as autonomous elevator and lift, air conditioners, televisions and speakers, make it better in serving its visitors.

Similarly, this principle may apply to life. When we are disappointed in life, it may be a good beginning for us, the same way as this pagoda, we may bounce back and stand up a higher level than the level you were before the fall.

Therefore, we should treat the ups and downs in our life as part of life processes, which make us even stronger to face new challenges. It is not material how many times you fall, what is more important is that you are able to bounce back and climb up to a higher level than you were before the fall. You should not be distracted by a fall, but rather treat it as an adversary, which is meant for good - to make you even stronger than before. A good new chapter is beginning rather than the ending of the beautiful story.

Trust you too have learned a good lesson from the series of events this tower had gone through.

The information below, extracted from Wikipedia is for your further reading pleasure.

Leifeng Pagoda (traditional Chinese: 雷峰塔; pinyin: Léi Fēng Tǎ) is a five story tall tower with eight sides, located on Sunset Hill south of the West Lake in Hangzhou. Originally constructed in the year AD 975, it collapsed in 1924 but was rebuilt in 2002, since when it has been a popular tourist attraction.


The original pagoda was built in 975 AD, during Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, at the order of King Qian Chu (born Qian Hongchu) of Wuyue. It was built to celebrate the birth of Qian Chu's son, born to Huang Fei, one of his favorite concubines. The Leifeng Pagoda was an octagonal, five-story structure built of brick and wood and with a base built out of bricks.

During the Ming dynasty, Japanese pirates attacked Hangzhou. Suspecting the pagoda contained weapons, they burned its wooden elements, leaving only the brick skeleton, as can be seen from Ming paintings of the West Lake.

Leifeng Pagoda was one of the ten sights of the West Lake because of the Legend of the White Snake.

Later, due to a superstition that bricks from the tower could repel illness or prevent miscarriage, many people stole bricks from the tower to grind into powder. On the afternoon of September 25, 1924, the pagoda finally collapsed due to disrepair.

As for whether there was a mausoleum below, this was debated for years until finally radar was used to investigate. On March 11, 2001 the mausoleum was excavated and many treasures were found, most notably a gold and silver coated hair of the Buddha.


In October 1999, the provincial and municipal governments decided to rebuild Leifeng Pagoda over the ruins of the old one. The new pagoda opened on 25 October 2002. It is composed of a 1400 tonne steel structure with 200 tonnes of copper parts. It contains four sightseeing elevators, and modern features including air conditioners, televisions and speakers. At the entrance of the pagoda there are two autonomous elevators to carry visitors to the pagoda's foot.

The original base of the pagoda is kept in good condition as well as the treasures discovered in an underground chamber.

I shall download the photos taken around this area later on as I have some difficulties in doing so.

Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you,

James Oh

Monday, 28 March 2011



Dear valued visitors and readers,

Due to summer season there, we woke up early in the morning due to longer daylight hours and sky was bright even in the early morning. On our way to catch a bus to Jiangsu Water Town Zhouzhuang, we saw lots of people were performing their daily morning exercise at the park, so we decided to walk around the park.

People were doing their morning exercise near the Cross.

People were performing their daily exercise at the arch of the park.

What really caught my attention most is the Chinese brush writing.

The master of calligraphy was practicing his writing on the floor.

The big brush he used amazed me because it was filled with water and environmentally friendly as the wording will not stay on the floor. Innovative and creative way.

One of his students sweated profusely while practicing brush writing. On inquired, I was told that he needs to stand properly so as to have the right posture to write with full concentration on the word. He also needed to stand in a way that enable him to move freely, yet firmly when writing. He will then enjoy every brush of his writing and the peace he obtained is marvelous - that's the way to keep him fit and healthy. He even taught me a few steps and I did enjoy it. I found him very humble and cheerful, as it was reflected on his face.

I ponder how wonderful it will be if we can keep the elderly person to stay healthy and happy by teaching them to have such meaningful morning exercises. It will help them stay active and healthy; so as everyone can have a better life.

Thanks for your time and have a fruitful day,

James Oh

Tuesday, 15 March 2011



Dear loving readers and visitors,

The two photos were taken at the second upper ball of the TV tower above the ground. You may notice that I was standing on top of the transparent glass floor.

For those who fear heights, perhaps you may try out my little advice. Do not look down on the transparent glass, which make you frighten. But you should look direct at the glass window and walk on top of the glass floor. Look down slowly at the moving vehicle just below the glass floor. Amazing that the fear which trouble you much earlier has disappeared. This small exercise has proven that you can overcome anything if you could shift your mind set to other things that are pleasing to you. It also well illustrated that the real or perceived danger of what you think of is equally powerful and can be treated as a threat to you if you are not handle it with care. This shows how important is the control of your mind and emotion. Do not let others to manipulate you.

This similar principle can apply to life as well. Do not focus on something that is painful to you because it brings hurt to you. It may stir up your emotion and make you blame others for causing such pain to you. If you allow that to happen, then you may be easily manipulated and made use of by others for their selfish agenda. Be aware of such dogs.

As such, just stay focus on something healthy and you will be rest assured that lots of things are not that bad as what you first thought. Just like the above example, the fear is not real, but if you are not careful, you may perceive it as real.

Cultural show outside the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower.

Me at the museum of old town at the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Lujiazui is located in Pudong New Area on Century Avenue One. The construction was began in 1991 and was finished in 1994. The main structure of Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower is 350 meters high; it is the third largest TV tower all round the world besides Toronto's TV Tower of Canada and the Moscow TV tower of the former Soviet Union, and the first one in Asia. Oriental Pearl TV Tower is comprehensively used for sightseeing, meeting, exhibition, meal, shopping, amusement, lodging and TV broadcasting. It has been the symbolic building of Shanghai in 21st century. Currently, the number of passengers and tourism earnings are ranked the second place in the world. It is only inferior to French Eiffel Tower.

The revolving Oriental Pearl Restaurant is located on the upper ball 267 meters of the TV tower above the ground. It is the highest revolving restaurant in Asia. Its business area is 1,500 square meters. It is able to accommodate 350 guests for dining. Restaurant at the same time can offer delicious set meals and Sino-foreign self-help dish. More than 100 kinds of delicacies are supplied without interruption.Simultaneously sharing delicacy and scenery with our best friends or lovers will be a romantic experience.

Shanghai city-history exhibition hall is also located in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower with an area covering over 6,000 square meters. It is for history education, culture, appreciation, tour and amusement. It is an innovative display. At night, seeing Oriental Pearl TV Tower far away presents you a colorfulness and attractiveness structure with neon-light illumination.

Thanks for your time and trust it is of assistance to you,

Look forward to seeing you again,

Friday, 4 March 2011



Dear loving readers and visitors,

Although, we have missed the last bus from the airport of Hangzhou to Shanghai; which left before we cleared our way to the Exit 1 of the airport; it did not affect us at all. At that time, we had a choice either to catch a taxi to the city or put a night there before departing to Shanghai the next day. Alternatively, we find another mean of transport to Shanghai City.

Due to our languages constraints, we understand that it is not convenient to look for a hotel at that hour in the city, which is about 40 minutes drive from the airport. Moreover, it was summer time and school was off then. So, we decided to let the broker, who claimed he can arrange a transport for us to Shanghai, do the job.

It took us about two hours from the airport to Shanghai. The journey turned up to be a pleasure one as we met an Indonesia student, who majored in Mandarin there, and we made new friends and have good laughs on hearing his experience in China.

Here, my purpose of sharing this experience with you is that whatever unpleasant thing you encounter, always remember to look up for something pleasing to you rather than let that unpleasant incidence bother you.

Finally, we reached my friend's younger brother's condo safely. There, we put two nights and really had a very good rest before we began our trip the following day. Thanks to his brother who offered us good hospitality and also acted as our tourist guide for our two days trip in Shanghai city.

Below are the photos taken at his condo.

Outside of the condo



Living room

Thanks for your time and wish you have a day of abundance of everything.

James Oh