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Better Than The Best BY JAMES OH

Better Than The Best BY JAMES OH
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Tuesday, 28 July 2015



Dear Families, Friends, Followers and Fans,

In light of driving sustainable value creation, anyone who is an investor needs to cultivate best practice, discipline, and habit by investing as if you are buying a business regardless of how much you invest in. Understand the business you intend to invest in deeply both in its strengths and weaknesses. Then use the value investment’s sound principles as one of your investment tools. Here, the author preference is to adopt value investment as his strategies. It is a Conservative approach with huge returns from his tested and proven records of more than 20 sweet years as a part-time investor.

The above book is based on author's real life experience. The book illustrated how the author translates both his strengths and weaknesses into sustainable value creation by finding his life purpose at his late forties, like an Eagle transform to its new life. At the cross road, the author needs to make a tough decision to transform his life and soar again in his new life.

Similarly, the above book shows the way on how the author makes a paradigm shift exactly reflected in the title of the book. He then took a bold, but seemingly an irresponsible decision to venture into internet business at his late forties. His popular 3 Bs approaches, Blog, Book and Business; enabled him to succeed in his business ultimately. He is not only actively involved in social media, but also active in training, speaking and writing assignments. He has trained more than 200 people from business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals in achieving sustainable value creation. He is a much sought trainer in the field of finance and mind changing programs.

His flagship training programs and articles writing are based on the above book where the author illustrates on how and why we need to look beyond financial statements and reap the miracles of looking beyond. For more details, please click the link below to access this book at

As the title of the book suggests, one needs to grow his /her wealth explosively, exponentially yet effortlessly in every aspect, be it physically, mentally and spiritually. Once you have reached this optimum level, you will then be able to follow the flow of taking the ride of wave and soar higher above the storm, like Eagle without much effort. Amazing rewards will be given to those who are willing to adopt similar beliefs.

This book is written based on the author’s real painful experience which resulted in a loss of his still born child. He shared his experience with the intention that other victims may use similar approaches to effectively let go of the pain and embrace forward moving mindset to live on. Best still, the person can make use of this painful process to transform it into a great blessing, like the author by embracing the appropriate perspective. In this book, the author shared his experience on how he let go of his limited and false belief which ultimately set him free from bondages.

                                                                       better than The Best
This book is the author’s first published book which illustrates his point that being the unsinkable Titanic is not good enough in today's fast changing and uncertain business environment. More and more companies like Blockbuster, Nokia and Sony will go bust despite being the best in its industry at one time. This phenomenon is not going to disappear soon, but it is going to stay and this will become more frequent in today's business world. Therefore, we need to dig deeper into our lives and discover what exactly was our initial purpose/ intent/ design created in the first place.  By doing so, we will not only to stay alive, but also shine as well. 

More exciting news will come as we learn and move forward. We look forward to see you again and again. Your continuous support is greatly appreciated. We must recognize that we would not be in existence in the first place without your support. 

Thanks you so much in reading our articles with your precious time. We are committed to produce high quality articles to ensure that the reward is worth your time and effort. This is the token of our appreciation. 

  1.                                                     James Oh

                                                   Chief Value Creation Officer


Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Our Dearest Families, Friends, Followers and Fans,

We, at Lift You Up are deeply delighted to announce our latest book, LOOKING BEYOND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS; Edition II has been just published on Amazon kindle recently. We must say that without your kind support, this book will not come into reality.

At the time of writing this post, we have spoken to numerous parties about printing limited hard copies of the book for the local market. We will make the announcement in due course.

Some of you may be fully aware that we had conducted this course with several financial institutes and received overwhelming response and positive feedback that drove us to upgrade this book with our accumulated feedbacks from the attendants. Here, we write to express our sincere thanks to all, who have directly and indirectly contribute to this success of this book.

As a result, we decided to post it here with the intent that it too can inspire some of you to achieve what you want in your life. This is in line with our mission to help people to transform their ideas into great fortunes.

Please forward us your kind comments in the comment column provided below the body of this post.

Stay tune for more exciting news which are in the pipeline namely our speaking engagements, new published articles, new book to be launched and upgraded.

We must say that your kind guidance, feedback and support enable us to have more massive action to make things happen. Be mindful that breakthrough is my new tagline.

Thanks you in advance.

In this connection, we write to offer a limited free softcopy of the book for review. For those who intend to write a review of this book, please send us an email to By doing so together, we believe that we can serve the society and the world much better by producing a higher quality book. Thanks again.

Please let us know should any areas of our specialties; Finance and Mindset, are helpful and useful to you.

Last but not least, let us work together to make a better tomorrow for all we care for.

With this, we write to thank all of you and let you know that what we achieve today is mainly from your generous support.