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Better Than The Best BY JAMES OH

Better Than The Best BY JAMES OH
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Book Title:  Letting Go and Moving On
Author:  James Oh
Release Date:  May  4, 2013
Genre:   Spirituality, Forgiveness, Bible Truth
Publisher:   Self Publishing 


LETTING GO AND MOVING ON! It is a great real life painful story, on how to let go and move on with an open mind, happy soul and forgiving heart. This book will do a great wonderful job for recovery from any ordeal! It is a must read for fans of nonfiction and inspirational books!

It takes lots of courage from the author to share this original, painful and hurtful real story with readers and offer the tips he took to not only bounce back, but also move on to touch and transform readers. The readers will be caught by surprise as how he was able to view things from the positive side of the ordeal.

This book is a mind blowing surprise! You will love the way it turned out and you will be very surprised over the ending

Letting Go and Moving On – A Spiritual Awakening to Forgiveness is a Spiritual powerful self-help book, designed to give you a guide as how to heal at the deepest level – the Soul level. With clear, practical steps, tips and principles the author have taken to let go a painful and hurtful ordeal which caused him the loss of a still born son, which led to a loss of his sense of life and loss of his passion in his profession as well. Letting On and Moving On offers powerful tools that are appropriate for anyone to cultivate good, sound and solid habits by letting go of all that are no use to them. The direction provided in this book can lead the individual to let go and move on at all stages of life regardless how painful and hurtful as the case may be. After one has let go successfully, each individual life is opened to new possibilities including finding one’s life purpose.


What is the most disappointed demoralised and depressed ordeal which had let you down? Simply put, it is the incident whereby the author killed his own son by allowing others to discharge their duties and responsibilities unprofessionally. The entire 'hell' experiences the author had gone through in the so called 'state of art' hospital with lots of unimaginable and unbelievable ludicrous actions and omissions committed by the hospital before the operation.

The lengthy agonising and antagonising trip to hell of experience the author has gone through. As a result, his anger, regrets and self-worthlessness contribute to his fearful and hopeless life in the world full of injustice. "Letting Go and Moving On" is the process of becoming aware of and in touch with our true selves  our inner battery that animates, inspires, directs and if paid attention to  honoured -   will lead us to much deeper understanding of who we are, how we can heal, and what our lifpurposis.

“Letting Go and Moving On took the author into a deep journey of self-awareness anselfhealing. The basic principle and tenet is the message that healing of thSouiultimatelthroosource anthtop line” ooveralhealing

Healing of the mind, body and Spirit begins in the Soul first and foremost. “Letting Go and Moving On, creates the understanding that in the procesof healing the Soul we are led to our deepest personal truths. Truths which can act as mentor and guide to our life purpose. "Letting Go and Moving On" reveals to uabout how to let go and move on with open mind, happy soul and forgiving heart.

“Letting Go and Moving On, is not a “light/feel good approach of forgiveness. Rather, it is a deep, even sobering, which involves with truly “forgiveness. It is only through this transformation process that we can begin to accept the truth and heal our lives. When you become Soul Aware and you honor your Soul by acknowledging the reality of the Divine within  you heal. As you heal you begin to learn the lessons that your Soul has to teach you. As you learn the lessons you are then open to find your life path and yourlife purpose. As you become aware of and in touch with your true self, your Soul self  expect that your life and even the lives of those around you will change, for the better. The natural consequence of Soul Awareness and healing. Amazingly truth!

Chapter 2

Would you agree that your beliefs determine your actions? The Soul has its own language and feelings is the language that the Souluses to communicate with us.

The Soul, with the support of the Divine, uses feelings to communicate with uso that we can identifyour higher needs, our best interests, and our true selves. Just imagine yourself when your spirit was literally drying up. This is exactly what the author had gone through.

What would you do when you were hit at the bottomless pitch and everything was letting you down? Interesting, you may find out how the author prescribed some positive means to overcome it finally.

About James Oh:

James Oh grew up reading Charles Dickens, Confucius and Buddhism and dreaming of writing his own stories one day. He is an Accountant, Author, Consultant and Entrepreneur and Father of three children with one in heaven and a wife. When he is not writing and working, he doing things with his family, reading, and traveling or online chatting with fans and followers.

James Oh is the author of Nonfiction series. BETTER THAN THE BEST, the motivational book was released in April 2013 and GROWING YOUR WEALTH EXPONENTIALLY will be released IN June 2013. He’s working on the next book thereafter, CHESS KING TO PURPOSE FILLED LIFE.

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