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Better Than The Best BY JAMES OH
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Friday, 18 July 2014


Learn the skills to move fearlessly in your business career

Having a successful business career in the age of information technology and unstable economy requires great business skills and commitment. We need to take time to develop personally and professionally in order to become successful entrepreneurs. When we start business the fundamental principles of communication, dedication and perseverance are necessary. We need to pay enough attention to these areas if we are looking for a career in business. We must possess good leadership qualities too in order to run a business enterprise. Consider the case of a cricket team in a high school. The basic principles of solidarity, unity and co-operation need to work from that time in life itself. We all were part of such teams in schools, played and won or lost the game. The lesson we need to take from those activities is nothing but the principles and certain mode of behavior.

Technical knowledge: 
1940s saw the grand entry of computers into the world. None would have then thought that we will be carrying gadgets with much larger processing power in our pockets some decades later. We do not have to be IT experts to become good businessmen, but we must know how Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Thunderbird etc. work. We should also be able to work with the internet. Once we know these basic tools, picking up some more slightly advanced tools and software is not hard. The truth is that we did not have any exposure to computers during our school education. Whatever we know now about computer and information technology was learned much later. All that was possible since we were a dedicated lot who wanted to pursue a career in business.

Communication and networking: 
The first and foremost requirement for any successful career is good communication skills. We will not like to work with a boss who is very short-tempered and who shouts at us for every minute thing. We will not love to be part of a team where the team lead always mumbles something instead of speaking out in a dignified manner. Leadership qualities entail some basic things which most people take for granted. Even the head of an educational institution will not be loved and respected if he or she mumbles or loses temper over trivial issues. I now recollect the good old days of my schooling where the Headmaster was a very meek and submissive character. Even the students used to walk over him. Professional and personal development courses will help us to master fearless public oratory, the ability of keeping our control under stressful situations etc.

Time and event management:
We need to be as productive as possible to come up and reap success in business. Businesses will require us to complete a number of tasks every week for which we need to plan our schedule effectively. Only when we are able to manage our time and work perfectly we will be able to manage others in business. Planning and productivity must go hand in hand.

Education and training: 
On-the-job training has gone to the pages of history. Whatever educational qualifications we have earned on a regular basis help us in career. Diplomas and corresponding courses will just give us some hints on how to improve our capabilities.

Flexibility, imagination and presence of mind
Running a business is an extremely risky affair. We never know when things will take turns. A slight fluctuation in the economy is enough to shake our entire business. As business owners we need to be determined to face any situation that may come our way. We may have to slow down the productions, even give pink slips to some employees or stop import or export etc. Things often cannot be predicted in business. We need to go along the current and adopt ourselves to the prevailing situations. These basic principles we all know in our personal lives. The same must be applied to the professional front too with ease. At some point we tend to mix the personal with the professional. This will adversely affect both our personal and professional lives. This must be avoided though it is highly difficult to demarcate the personal from the professional. Work and life must be nicely balanced to have satisfaction in both. Then we can trudge any kind of business-path fearlessly.

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