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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Dear readers,

I was so excited to know so many authors who have expressed their willingness to allow me to blog their stuff here. I trust you too find it not only interesting, but also inspiring especially those who want to pursue this line as their careers.

With this, trust it will add more colours in our life, but also as a drive for you to share the untold story, from your walk or life you have gone through, just like some of them that I have blogged out much earlier. Your story may be as great as theirs because you have not given yourself a chance to express them out. I am a strong believer that everyone of us have more than a story to tell through your own life. Do not worry if you don't have it now. This is because you have not discovered it yet. So, continue to read and slowly and surely you will discover it.

Today, I have been given the pleasure to present you another writer, whom I got to know from the Goodread Social Network. After reading through his unique profile, I discovered that he began writing on his 18th birthday and who did not get it published despite he has completed it within a couple years thereafter. At that time, though he was just trying to fill up the hours of his day. This does not deter him to publish it in 2010 and make his first dream a reality.

This guy is none other than Carroll Bryant, 36 years, born and raised in Columbus, The United States. He felt funny that he never attempted to get them published much earlier. This is mainly attributed by lack of desire or inner drive. As we all are fully aware that it is one of the main success ingredients which no one afford not to have. Here, perhaps you like to share with us how you fan up your inner drive. I would say that I managed to do so mainly by reading healthy, inspiring and motivational stuffs frequently through books, blogs, tapes, webminars and seminars whenever I have chance to do so.

A late bloomer who has talents, is passionate with life and started writing songs and poetry on his 18th birthday. Luckily, he begin to transfer all his works from floppy's disc to CDR currently. I can imagine how tedious and painful is this lengthy process, which he had to go through before he can get his work out finally. This is because I am also a late bloomer like the author who had gone through the initial stage of computerisation, from the mainframe to iphone technology. This triggered memories of those old days, before paper was created and to preserve all these knowledge, our ancestors had to even carve it into bamboo slips or stones they could find at that time.

This fascinating guy did not stop from there, but continue to make his second dream happened. He got his first book published in May last year, Children Of The Flower Power. Though I have not read his book yet, my gut feeling reveal to me that you will find it worthy to be read. So, grab hold of the book and enjoy your discovery and let us know your feedback thereafter.

And last, but not least I wish him a big Success and hope that he has a chance to drop by and air his comments especially on those poems and songs I have written and published here. Thank you in advance.

James Oh

Skype me at james.oh18

To read similar article on other authors, please scroll up to "TOPIC BY" and look for authors.

Monday, 30 May 2011


Dear loving readers,

No doubt some of you may have read about the book by Napoleon Hill, " Think and Grow Rich" and some of you may not have the time to read it. Whatever it is, I believe that the short version of it is definitely of great use to all of us. As such, I post this short version for your quick reference and action.

You may click at the title to read the brief of this book from my previous post on some of my recommended books.

By Norman Harlett on Napoleon Hill ‘Think and Grow Rich’

1. Are You "Built To Last"?

Getting from where we are to; where we want to be...

What's the best way to get from where we are to where we want to be?

We know from Napoleon's advice that if we are clear of what we want, fuel it with desire, sprinkle it with faith and use the power of our subconscious mind, what we can achieve is unlimited.

ALWAYS preserve the core, AND THEN stimulate progress.

What he meant is that you need to understand and maintain what has resulted in your current level of success, then build upon with new and innovative things to the core.

To me, this simple theory was a good reminder.

What I tend to do is create a wave of success and then try something different, thinking what I can achieve is even greater level of the success... rather than...

Maintaining the efforts to build the first wave of success and adding to that success by trying something different.

Do you see the difference?

It's a matter of where you spend your energy.

What you want to do is allocate enough energy to keep your proven method of success rolling and then allocate a small share of energy to new success processes to your core success.

If you do this, you'll keep your success momentum going. You'll not only minimize times of doubt and fear, but maximize your creative juices. Simply put, you'll be spending more time in the "success zone".

You may proceed to download your free copy of Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich" from internet.

2. Do This ONE THING And Your Future Riches Are Secure...

He meant that commanding the power of your own mind through autosuggestion (putting yourself in a relaxed state and submitting your goals to your subconscious mind).

Now, he says a lot more in the book... the importance of Faith, Desire, etc, so that you stay on track and you continue to do the things (autosuggestion as the main one) that will lead to Riches.

Simple? Yes.

Easy? No.

Why not easy? Because we require habit and training our minds is not a habit... yet.

Life is a chain and there's no disconnecting it. Everything you do is to be connected. Combine this with your belief that the first thing you need to do to be successful is to feel good about yourself.

3. Take Your Best Shot! (I'll still reach my goals!)

Chance has a way of throwing things in the path of your success!

You do all the planning to get from point "A" to point "B"... and it seems SO-O-O-O simple. Then something happens.

You, or someone close to you has an unexpected accident or illness.

A law is passed that changes the opportunities in the industry you're in.

Etc. Etc.

I'm not belittling any of these occurrences and saying that they are not important and not worthy of excusing some forward progress toward your goals.

I AM saying that whatever the circumstance you are in, you can adjust, make the best of it and continue, with albeit, smaller steps for a time, toward your goals.

4. Use What God Gave You!

"Use what God gave you!"

... meaning that if I thought about it long enough, I'd figure it out... and I usually did!

Napoleon is saying:

* You have the tool to make things happen for yourself (via the subconscious mind)

* You can direct your subconscious mind to achieve anything you want (via programming by Auto Suggestion)

* The more energy (Faith, Desire, etc.) you put behind a thought, the more your subconscious mind will work on it for you.

* The subconscious mind is your connection to the higher power (prayer, autosuggestion... any means of slipping into the alpha brain-wave state will connect you with the power of the Infinite Intelligence)

5. Bridging Faith Into Action

It means that no matter what the idea or goal, the achievement of that idea or goal can only become reality if you put energy behind the idea and take action.

I go through this little analysis because many of you write me about ideas and goals and dreams that you have and are frustrated that your goals/ideas/dreams remain illusive.

Even more than illusive... far, far away.

I always inquire where you are in your journey/plan to achieve your goal.

The answers vary, but most respond with the fact that on the way to the goal, something got in the way (work, kids, money, whatever) and now the plan is stalled.

The dream is stalled. The dream is fading.

When I see this happening to me, here's what I do... actually, more precisely, here's how I THINK.

I consider each roadblock... each stall... a new beginning... and I treat is as such.

The overall original "journey" hit a roadblock, so now I have a new mini-journey... the journey of getting through this roadblock so that I can continue the overall journey.

And thinking like this WORKS!

For example, I needed money to develop the first product.

Everything I was earning was supporting my lifestyle and I had no extra. (Did this ever happen to you?).

So, I had a new mini-journey. Find the money to product my first product.

Over the next several months, I got on the phone and made literally hundreds of calls to Sales coaches, Sales firms, etc., looking for a partner that would embrace my idea.

On about my 400th phone call, I got the ear of someone who believed in my idea and Bingo!, Subconscious Training Corporation was born.

After a few more mini-journeys (roadblocks) were travelled, and about 15 months of time, I went full time into my new venture and haven't looked back since.

What I did is not magic.

It's the application of the understanding that...

"Every journey starts with the first step."

and every hurdle is just a mini-journey to take another step into.

6. Stay Positive, When Negativity Invites You In!

According to Napoleon Hill, the power of the subconscious mind is an amazing thing.

In the chapter on "The Subconscious Mind", Napoleon writes:

"There is plenty of supporting evidence to support the belief that the subconscious mind is the connecting link between the finite mind of man and the Infinite Intelligence. It is the intermediary through which one may draw upon the forced of the Infinite Intelligence at will."

He goes on to say:

"It, alone, contains the secret process by which mental impulses are modified and changed into their spiritual equivalent. It, alone, is the medium through which prayer may be transmitted to the source capable of answering prayer."

He's saying that not only can you submit information to the subconscious mind (via auto-suggestion) so that you "become" the person you want to be and to create your outcomes, but it's is also the vehicle through which we communicate with the higher consciousness (higher power, God!)

To deliver positive messages to the subconscious mind (so that our mind will then make "positiveness" true for us), you must put positive emotion behind your thinking. The seven major positive emotions are:








And at the same time, you must be careful not to spend a lot of your emotion on the seven major negative emotions:








Because... "Positive and negative emotions cannot occupy the mind at the same time."

7. Developing a Long Term Success Plan for Your Master Mind

As individuals, we cannot achieve this on our own because our myopic view can cloud our perspective. As a group, the possibilities for expansive thinking are endless.

Develop or join a group that suited your needs.

1. Focus on developing trust

2. Establish momentum

3. Have the commitment from your members

4. Seeking feedback from group members keeps the group productive. This is achieved by asking each person to reflect on what worked and what didn't in the meeting, and how the group can improve the next meeting. It keeps the group focused and on track.

5. Establish the group's protocol before the group is formed.

6. Take charge and be choosy about who you select as members in the starting group. It's better to start off small, and build the group than to go for volume without substance.

7. Know how to fire a group member if things aren't working out. Decide how you will eliminate group members before you form the group. If you wait until the group is up and running, and a problem exists, it will be too late to backtrack.

Trust this short version is of great help to you.

Cheers and have a fruitful day,

James Oh

Friday, 27 May 2011


Very happy day to you,

Today, I write to share with you the back screen of the AUTHOR, who wrote the recent thriller novel, DEAD LINE, whom I find him unique and inspiring. Why I say so?

Perhaps some of you may know him and he is none other than Mr. Richard Sanders. He has taken courage to share his dark side openly through his novel. This made him unique as he did not let his old bondage hold him back, yet this forward looking successful author did a u turn to live life afresh as a green leaf. He often speak to young journalists and try to use himself as an example for inspiration - a guy who spent time in jail, rehab and a psych ward on to become a successful editor at Time Inc. and managed to stay sane and alive. Now he has tried to reflect those experiences in this book. As such, I am certain that you will agree with me that this will make this novel a good read, with excitement and inspiration.


Here, I must highlight another good lesson can be learnt here. Never let the bondage hold him back, but to forgive and forget about. What is more important is to look forward to make things better for yourself and others. No one can change the history but to learn from it. Otherwise it is a real waste.

His other quality that set him apart from other people is he dares to open up to others, one of the successful ingredient.

His book is part of the Quinn MeShane series, dubbed by Kindle Nation as "Sam Spade meets Kinky Friedman." and it's available at Amazon and/or the Kindle store, Smashwords, the iPad's iBooks store, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Goodreads, Google, Kobo and Diesel.

Hope you can get hold of the book and revert the feedback to us after you have read it for the benefit of other readers. Thank you for your participation.

Stay tuned and I will bring more inspiring books to lift you up, as the name of this blog suggested.

James Oh

Thursday, 26 May 2011

My Utmost for His Highest: Traditional Updated Edition (My Utmost for His Highest)

by Oswald Chambers

No surprise to me that this book has received a remarkably high score of 4.36, out of 5.00 from 1,625 ratings and 191 reviews .

With humor and humility, Chambers speaks plainly to the common man struggling with devotion to Christ in daily living. Worldly cares and self-serving desires begin to lose their appeal as Chambers aides the reader in transforming his mind by viewing life through the instruction of God's Word. Richard Halverson, former chaplain of the United States Senate, attests to this: "no book except the Bible has influenced my walk with Christ at such deep maturing levels." This is Chambers's chief desire, directing the reader to "shut out every other consideration and keep yourself before God for this one thing only--My Utmost for His Highest... determined to be absolutely and entirely for Him and for Him alone." --Jill Heatherly

With the brief introduction and attestments from others, I strongly suggest this book be read especially for those who seek soul searching journey to excel in work for His Highest, as the name of the book suggested.

At last, but not least, I would like to throw the ball to your court for you to revert your feedback after you have read this book. Happy reading and look forward to your feedback.

Thanks for your precious time and look forward to receiving your feedback.

James Oh

Tuesday, 24 May 2011



A very warm welcome here.
After reading through this invaluable real life experience from the article, append below, which I found at, I must admit that I too have prescribed this success formula in the past, almost similar to the author of this blog, to overcome the issues we had encountered at that time. Today, it turns out to be a blessing that the author decided to share his experience as a way out for those who may need it.

I am deeply touched by his act and subsequently I not only attest to his success formula, but it also struck my mind, to immediately dropped him an email to seek his permission to link this article to my blog, which he subsequently consented to. That's how you are able to read his article as I did. Trust it will be useful to you too.

I write to express my heartfelt thanks to this author who has just celebrated his 70 years young. I noted his photo is amazingly younger than his biological age.

Trust you too find it an excellent lesson for us to stop giving meaning to events, but rather to look at them in a positive way so as to avoid them causing any unnecessary stress to our lives.

Before I end, I hope you too will spread this article to your circle of contacts to show your care and love, which I strongly believe you will do so.

Thank you in advance.

Are You Happy With Who You Turned Out To Be?

by Morty Lefkoe on May 17, 2011

For most of my life I didn’t want to be me. I was so unhappy with my life that being almost anyone else would have been preferable to being me. For many years I wanted to be Fred Astaire, because I loved the joyful, bright sense of life he projected, an experience that I rarely felt.

Today is my birthday and I am 74 years young. I feel and look at least a decade younger than my chronological age. And today I am happy to be me and wouldn’t consider being anyone else.

What is the source of this dramatic shift?

Getting rid of all the beliefs and conditionings that led me to be depressed and unhappy most of the time. And then learning how to stop giving meaning to the daily events in my life. Today I experience myself as the creator of my life almost all the time and I’ve stopped giving meaning to events most of the time, which has almost totally eliminated stress from my life. I’ve stopped seeking; I know I’m already there. I feel anything is possible and that I have no limitations. I experience virtually all my circumstances as okay just the way they are.

Why am sharing this with you?

Because what I did to reach this state is available to you too. Anyone (including you, yes, even you!) can experience a sense of wholeness, feeling totally okay with the way you are, and that you are the creator of your life. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time and it isn’t very expensive.

Please don’t give up your dream of a life of joy and success. I was about as low as you can get and I’ve now reached a state of total satisfaction with my life. You can too. Don’t wait until your 74th birthday to be truly happy with your life.

You may access other similar article at

Stay tuned for other exciting and inspiring articles, thank you and look forward to seeing you again.

James Oh

Monday, 23 May 2011


My dear Readers,
It gives me great pleasure to have you here. Hope you are fine as I am.
Today I decided to pass some of the benefits, which I have obtained after joining the Goodread Social Network to you. You are more than welcome to join it. To make things more exciting, I decided to introduce one of the author friends I get to know from this network, he is none other than Mr. Haresh. After some conversation with him, I discovered that both of us have some common interests.
To know him better, append below please find his information, his recent book and the ratings he received from other authors from the same network. 
It is important to note that for the most part of this book is an expression of his philosophical thoughts and pondering, as it evolves over time. If it is your cup of tea, then get hold of the book and share with us your findings after you have read the book.
We, at this blog are  firm believers of prosperity through diversity, as such we always cover diverse daily affairs so that, you too will ultimately be lifted up as we are. Thank you for your continuous support and stay tuned for more inspiring news. 
Have a new discovery,

About The Author :

An entrepreneur, environmentalist, racer, wine lover, writer, and many more random things. Haresh has started writing through poetry and upon its mastery (mostly boredom, you cannot truly master writing as it is an evolving process) has shifted to experimenting with essay and short stories.
Haresh's passion in short story lies in being able to dwell within the universe of consciousness and experimenting, dissecting, and in short, exploring and destroying and recreating thoughts, concepts, interjecting hallucinations and twists focused on something deeper, engaging the reader to jump in and explore together.

An author having a conversation with his fictional character, or losing control of his character, mind numbing points leading to  twists and turns spinning the mind of the reader with hallucinogenic colors, concepts, and eurekas. 

The short stories begin simply, and walks together with the author as he takes a personal journey deep within the universe of his own consciousness, dwelling, prodding, dissecting, and creating... 

This book is a play on different writing styles uniquely conjured by the writer from random inspiration and experimentation with poetry as prior experience. 

This is a chronological anthology spanning the imagination and sanity of the writer. This book is a collection of humour, satire, and philosophy, with the most unique writing style and twists. 

This book evolves as one reads, from basic and simple stories of humor, to deeper and more profound satire best savored twice.
Bernard Schaffer rated it 4 of 5 stars
Haresh Daswani is not your usual author, and it is no surprise he’s written a pretty unusual book. The title “Evolution of Insanity” is an exercise in truthful advertising. Either Daswani is nuts or he’s operating on a level way up there in the stratosphere.
The book is a collection of short chapters that contain virtually no dialogue. The descriptions of simple things take on a kind of poetic oscillation that are always moving and impossible to pin down.
This book abandons standard narrative structure and embraces a James Joyce type stream-of-consciousness that will make you sometimes smile and sometimes scratch your head. I liked it. It felt fresh and different from the norm, even if I don’t feel smart enough to understand all of it. 

Shaeeza Haniff rated it 4 of 5 stars
The Evolution of Insanity is a collection of tales, stories, and fables about a variety of beings. Imagine for a moment you are able to stop and listen, see, witness and understand a segment of the lives of a collection of beings - Gods, godlike, god hating and god wannabes, the dead, the living, the fictional, the alien, male, female, the young and the old.
Stories that would have you believe that Santa was killed, "tongue in cheek" stories, stories intermingled with intellectual descriptions of body functions, of the human despair and condition. Stories like the one about a long suffering psychiatrist finding his "emotional wastebasket", Adam and Eve personas, Herman of whom we all know one of, the passing of the torch of thoughts and observation as depicted in "London in the Mind". Stories that enlighten us about the complexities of the interrelationships between the opposite sexes.
Haresh Daswani is a complex writer who writes with intellectual wit and philosophy interlaced with humor.
“We are all insane who hide in rooms further making us insane”.

A great read

Maureen Monlore rated it 5 of 5 stars
I have always been interested in books that deviate from the typical writing styles present in most literary pieces. Books that feature intellectually stimulating themes and an equally rousing writing style are my weaknesses. Give me the promise of these things and I will surely devour that book until my curiosity is sated. I think this is one of the reasons why I have always loved reading transgressive fiction and post-modern books.

In many ways, Mr. Haresh Daswani’s book, The Evolution of Insanity, gave me my much needed doze of intellectual stimulation through the interesting ways he worded his anthology and the eerily realistic plot points that will surely leave you thinking.

If I was given a dollar for every utterance of “Oo nga noh!” I would’ve been a rich girl by now. I remember the countless of times I stopped reading because I was bombarded with mind numbing bouts of self realization after reading a particularly sharp and moving line. I would then continue reading only to stop and ponder some more… it’s truly an eye opener! Mr. Daswani’s witty writing style gives the reader a better experience of what it is like to find sanity in the "insane" and vice versa.

I love how both subtlety and bluntness played with each other fairly well in this book. If Chuck Palahniuk and Paulo Coelho made a novel together, I bet it would be just like Mr. Daswani’s The Evolution of Insanity…an intellectually filling piece packed humor, wit and philosophy.

Truly, this book kept its promise… it sparked my interest, fueled my fascination to continue reading and left me wanting for more. 

Yzobelle Leon rated it 4 of 5 stars

A kaleidoscope is made up of small colored pieces. And when they are turned and given a different angle, they jell into one beautiful scene.

That is what I would associate Haresh’s book with.

Like a kaleidoscope, Evolution of Insanity is made up of different pieces, each a unique reflection of the author’s wild imagination. Each story piece has an exceptional storyline that would simply leave the reader in questioning awe, wondering where in this world could Haresh have possibly picked up that twist.

The variety of themes of the short stories also makes up the pieces of the kaleidoscope. The themes run a wide range – from spirituality to philosophy to life to beauty … of girls. All with profundity wrapped in wit and dry humor.

These short stories put together in one book reveal the beauty of a kaleidoscope.

Caution: Read at your own risk.
This book is not for the faint-hearted. You must have your mind so open, your heart so universal, your humor so flexible, and your imagination so border-free to take utmost pleasure from reading this book. 

Nina rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: from-the-authorloveownprint
First of all, I would like to thank the author of this book, Mr. Haresh Daswani, for giving me a copy of this book, and the opportunity to read it and give my thoughts about it.

And now, for the review. Obviously, I would not be thanking the author as publicly if I had not enjoyed this book. It is witty, entertaining, filled with crackling anecdotes, and hilarious commentary. Best of all, it is fraught with intelligent observations of how we humans live.

Let me go so far as to say that this book is best read when you are in your most intellectual mood, as it would dare you to think beyond the words of what is written and delve into the author's mind about how he views things. In a way, I felt that this was not just a book created from the author's imagination, but a reflection of how the author views the world. One would laugh at the humor-filled statements, the comic scenes and settings, but once one understood the essence of such remarks, one could not help but nod and say, "Yes, that is quite true. Why did I not think of that myself?" Or maybe even add one's own ideas, maybe disagree with what has been said? Either way, one is challenged to agree or refute the author's ideology and rationalize one's own beliefs.

Reading through Daswani's book, I could not help but be reminded of those times in Philosophy class in college. His writing makes the reader think that they are having a conversation with someone else, probably a very favorite teacher, a smart friend, or better yet, the author himself. Which reminded me of those times when we studied Socrates and how he conducted his discussions with his students. Now I am not saying that Daswani is a modern-day Socrates, but what he talked about in this book could spark a lively debate in any Philosophy class and if I were still in college right now, I'd probably bring Evolution of Insanity to school and make our professor torture the whole class with intense conversations about the things talked about in this book.

Which is not to say that this book is only good for super-intelligent conversations or musings. You can also read this solely for its entertainment value, and probably use a few lines from this book as your new joke or ice breakers. The possibilities are endless.

His writing style is also one for the books. In one chapter, he would go all narrative-like and describe in witty detail a funny story and in another, he would abandon all thought for story-telling and write ideas, observations in prose - straightforward and directly addressing readers, oftentimes even issuing a challenge.

Simply put, this book is a good one to have on your shelf to read during moments of boredom, moments of severe bursts of intellect, moments of good conversations, and practically any moment that you would prefer to read. Which, in my case, is very often.

Image of "Haresh Daswani"

Evolution of Insanity

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Hi! Valued Readers,

Sometime ago, we discovered an interesting blog,, and it is about natural health, by Miss Andrea Guntensperger.

Profile as follow:-

She is a 40 years old woman, she works as a Kinesiologist, Reiki Healer and as a Nutritionist. She lives with her family in a nice small city in Switzerland. For over 10 years she studied other ways to treat illnesses than just taking drugs.

You may log in her blog and read it. Use your own discretion to evaluate the author's view on these Alternative Medicine, which she is advocating.

Thereafter, we went to interview her and below please find the dialogue between the author and us for your reference.

Lift You Up Q1. What drive you to look into alternative Medicine?

Andrea A1- I just never took much drugs at all. I always felt, that it is important to strengthen my body and when I am sick to heal the cause and not only the symptoms. I also believe that behind every illness there is something our body wants to tell us and if we are not listening it will shout louder.

Lift You Up Q2. Any real cases which you have heard / seen before?

Andrea A2 - You mean where alternative medicine worked? For example: after several really bad coughs my daughter was diagnose for asthma. She should inhale cortisone 3 or more times a day. I did it for a month and then I decided not to continue. I went to a good homeopath and she is cured now without any drugs. I could have just given her the inhaler for the next few years but I don’t know how much damage that would have made to her body. My kids are now 5 and 7 years old and they each only had taken antibiotics once in their lives. They are hardly ever sick. I think, most important is to give them good food, not artificial vitamins, but fresh healthy food.

Lift You Up Q3. What drive you to blog it knowing the fact you will receive lots of criticisms and attacks?

Andrea A3- I think people should learn more about what they can do by themselves to stay healthy or get healthy again. I am not against going to a doctor but I am against believing everything they say. People should listen more to their inner voice again. I think the whole pharmaceutical industry is just about making money. I am not afraid of criticisms and attacks. I would like to discuss things with people.

Lift You Up Q4. What help you to take the bold steps which you would like to share with us? So far what is your worst criticism / attack, how you overcome it?

Andrea A4 :-I didn’t get much criticism yet. Some people don’t understand why I didn’t vaccinate my kids like everybody else. I just think it is irresponsible to give a 2 months old child a shot with 6 different illnesses. I know somebody personally who is mentally handicapped because of a vaccine. That should make you think.

Note:- the answer in blue are her written answers.

Here, we are going to throw it to your courts and appreciate if you put forward your thoughts on Alternative Medicine.

You may choose to read our blog at especially for those believe that tea has lots of medical values.

Thank you for your precious time and look forward to hearing from you,

James Oh

Founder and Group CEO

Thursday, 19 May 2011



IN CONUCTION with my RECENT DIAMOND SUPER AWARD ON BRANCHOUT, I write to put on record my heartfelt thanks to all my fellows freinds, buddies, blog followers, business partners, affiliates and associates. I write to say it is impossible for me to earn this award if not for your guidance, support, assistance, collaboration directly and indirectly. As such, I write to let you know that you are part of this award.

That's why I decided to make this announcement so that together we share this award and am celebrating with you. Meantime, I also write to express my great appreciation to the organiser who has taken painstaking process to keep track of my contacts.

James Oh received a Diamond Super Connector award on BranchOut.

James Oh is well connected! He is now able to reach out to over 60,000 people and 33,516 companies in his BranchOut professional network to better his career and open doors for new opportunities.

At the same time, I also want you to know that it is near impossible for me to list down all names who have helped me make this a reality. What is more important to me is that all your good works have been kept in my heart, which I will never forget. Please do let me know should there a chance for me to return you favour in anyway I could, eventhough you may not request for it.

In this connection, I write to dedicate the following songs to all of you I loved forever.

a. I love you, please click to listen to this song

Big thanks again and your continuous support and guidances is greatly appreciated at all times.

Together we make things happened for a better tomorrow.

James Oh
Skype me at james.oh18

Thursday, 5 May 2011



I have been blogging since August 2008 after I returned from Singapore. I embarked on my first and main blog, and had gone through painstaking process from scratch to learn to put up my blog. Here, I write to put it on record my great appreciation to those who have been guiding me to put it into operation.

Since discovering my passion, I had not only continued updating the blog till today, but I also added several other blogs such as tea art blog, where I converted my hobbies into another enterprise and where I also invested in this trade and has been selling tea on line and offline.

Subsequently, I also shared out my Christian faith through as I learn, with an intention to reach out to others on line and offline to strengthen their Christian faith before I launched other blogs on my profession via in relation to finance matters.

Thereafter, I also learn to market my blogs through various social networks such as facebook, plaxo, twitter, linkedin and etc. You may be able to read my articles in other online blogs, such as Temasek Review, GLC, Redgage, Yousaytoo etc. For those who have followed my blog from day one, they are able to see the whole development as I added all these features into my blogs.

My active involvement in these social networks resulted in me being awarded with a Honorary Membership from the US society in 2009. I would say that I truly enjoy these healthy activities very much especially where I meet up with strangers who have become my new friends. There, we pooled our resources, ideas, to initiate other projects which would otherwise be impossible if we were to do it ourselves.

In 2009, I began to embark my freelance Accountancy services before I advanced into the training profession. I then developed my financial module, Looking Beyond Financial Statements WHICH YOU MAY READ THE DETAIL BY CLICKING THE TITLE OF THIS POST.

Please do contact me should you be keen in participating in this training. You are assured that you will enjoy this insightful practical training where I have been learning from my profession, as an Accountant for more than 20 years. As a start, I shall begin with a classroom style training, so that we can have effective learning and meaningful discussions. I intend to go online in the near future.

Stay tuned for any update.

James Oh

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Monday, 2 May 2011




- understand your own company's financial statements better to prepare and strategise your messages to an ever discerning/demanding stakeholders' audience.

- know the need to build the "extra edge" as a result of the changes of the investing landscape (i.e. capital markets are very competitive today and investment managers require high calibre information)

- learn to deliver more convincing messages by letting your financial figures and facts speak for you

- be able to prepare in advance in addressing the financial queries and concerns more objectively before you are being asked.

- have a clearer picture as to how your company is navigated towards its operating and strategic goals





Investor Relations Executives/Managers

PR Executives/ Managers

CorpComms Managers

Non Finance Managers

Course outline

This course highlights the essentials of the financial skills so as to build an 'extra edge' to the ever increasing demand of the stakeholders as a result of the increasing competition for funds in the capital markets. As such, all companies need to equip their teams with solid and practical financial knowledge so as to address their information needs and concerns. This training will give the participants a practical insight of better handling these challenges in looking beyond financial statements. Unlike a large-scale conference, this workshop capacity is deliberately kept to a manageable classroom size to facilitate effective learning and meaningful discussion.



No matter what size the company and nature of its business, it is essential to acknowledge and recognise the importance of its financial statements as a mean to understand its performance and financial health.

The question arises here is whether understanding the financial statements is sufficient.


- 9 pointers

- what are they

- why they are important

It is important to have a helicopter view of the company so as not to lose sight of their core objectives in the course of running their day-to-day operations, often losing battles not of knowledge but of the minds of both senior management and the investing community.


- what are they

- you can not read them in isolation, but in integral parts

- let your financial figures and facts speak for you

- their relevance and limitations

- the key messages they are telling you

Understand each component of the financial statements; their usefulness and limitations. What is more important is the key message they are telling you.


- serve as measuring tools, monitoring, comparing and bench marking

- objective assessment

- 7 main types

- the underlying factors/ causes

Understand each type of ratios; their relevance and limitations. What are the convincing messages and the concerns you need to address so as to achieve both of your operating and strategic goals.


- definition

- characteristics

- why it is important

This is vitally important for you to stay focus on these key indicators to ensure that you are working towards your goals.


- Industry outlook

- trend analysis

- the operating environment

Understand the external changes that will have implications on your company and the mitigation factors. Their risks and opportunities. Be vigilant to these changes and responsive effectively.


To give a foreseeable outcome based on the reliable and objective assumptions

The likely scenario based on their reliable and consistent key assumptions in a forseeable operating environment so as to gain confidence from the financial community and trust ultimately.