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Saturday, 11 June 2011



It is a great pleasure to have ANGEL HAZE AND HER BOOKS BLOODLETTER AND LEGACIES OF TALIMURA: WAR OF THE WITCH REVIEW today. A very warm  welcome, ANGEL and thanks ANGEL for giving us the chance to get to  know you more and also for allowing us a glimpse of the world that  you have created inside your writing. Thank you very much. Let her  walk through her profile and books, as appended below, before we kick  off the Q + A session.


Angel is a Canadian author who spent her teens watching CSI, studying forensics and reading mysteries. She lives with her brilliant husband who co-authors her fantasy novels. Follow her on Twitter @AngelHaze7 or her website at
ANGEL HAZE is the author of the books below.

The release date of Bloodletter and Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch is set for the end of June 2011.
Q&A portion: 

James:  When did you begin to write?

Angel: I was about seven or eight, writing about a little girl who ran away from home. (I was an avid reader of The Boxcar Children Series by Gertrude Chandler Warner.) It wasn't until I was fourteen when I thought of writing as more than a hobby.

James :  What made you choose this genre and the title of your book?

Angel: I have a life-long passion for thrillers. My greatest influences are Tess Gerritsen and Dean Koontz. The title of Bloodletter was chosen when I was about nineteen. I wanted the name of the killer, as dubbed by the media, to be  catchy and chilling with underlying meaning.

Originally, War of the Witch was going to be called Legacy. My husband and I knew we had to change the title as the book progressed and ideas of prequels and sequels started building up. The title of Legacy did not allow for the possibility of other books so we ran through a list of world names and came up with Talimura. Then we had to think of which legacy this book centered on--Debonair, the beautiful, malevolent witch or the Falchion, the legendary sword used to defeat her?
James:   Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?

Angel: My passion for forensics, delving into the criminal mind and true crime stories inspires most of my thriller novels.

War of the Witch was actually my husband's idea. Bringing his idea to life has been one of the most exciting adventures. With fantasy, there is limitless freedom to create the world you want. Whereas I gather my inspiration from World of Warcraft and Chinese history, my husband attributes his inspiration to drinking and pacing the back deck. :)  

James:  Can you enlighten us a little more about your books?


Thou shalt not kill.

A contradictory message written in blood at the scene of a young woman's murder. Within days, another body surfaces with a similar calling card and, to Detective Ramon Faust and Criminalist Kelly Garret, it's clear a deadly game is underfoot.

As the rash of horrific crimes continue, a phone call unearths a shocking revelation: Nakeita isn't the first city the elusive killer has left his mark. The Bloodletter, as dubbed by the media, has played his deadly game before.

Delving deep into the most terrifying case of Kelly?s career, threatening phone calls and flashbacks of a forgotten near-death experience challenge her sanity and the lives of everyone she loves.


Debonair, a witch from the Unspoken-of Lands, has meddled in the forbidden practice of magic and created an army of nightmarish proportions. When sixteen-year-old Astanyx and his two best friends return from a hunting trip to find their small town of Polca reduced to smoke and ash, they find themselves thrust into a battle for which they haven't been trained.

With the help of his comrades, including an esteemed warrior, one of the last great wizards and a princess they've sworn to protect, Astanyx must fight to unite the kingdoms of the humans, dwarves and elves. He must ask forbidden questions that no one wants to answer, questions about Talimura's dark history. As Debonair?s brutal warriors lay siege to the kingdoms, Astanyx is driven to pursue a fateful quest for a blade powerful enough to defeat the malevolent witch before she destroys the three kingdoms and unleashes an unspeakable ancient evil.

James:  Is there anything else you would like your readers to pay  special attention in regards to your book, which you have  not mentioned above?
Angel: Throughout the books are underlying themes, hidden references and characters and motives mentioned in passing that will come into play in sequels.

James: When do you plan to publish your book 2.

Angel: Bloodletter 2 (still untitled) will be published in the Fall, along with a few other titles. The next Legacy of Talimura is still in the idea stage.

James : How many volumes of books for the above series?

Angel: LOL. I don't have an answer for that. The possibilities for each of the series are endless.
Thanks again Angel Haze for joining us today.  Let us wish her a  fulfilling day.
James Oh