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Better Than The Best BY JAMES OH
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Thursday, 9 June 2011


Please welcome today's guest author Leslie Wright.  Leslie is the author of Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy .

ABOUT THE AUTHOR -Leslie Wright 

Leslie Ann Wright is an avid reader and writer. She reads and reviews for her blog Tic Toc as well as for Blog Critics and The Romance Reviews. She was also recently interviewed on The Gatekeepers Post for her work in blogging reviews. When she isn’t reading or writing you can find her hanging out with her husband Terry at Baseball games or visiting her children and grandchildren in either Florida or Arizona. She currently lives with her husband in the great Northwest.

Leslie Wright is the author of the book below.

1. Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy

Leslie Ann WrightSplintered: Sierra's Legacy

Q & A portion:

James: When did you begin to write?

Leslie : I began writing about twelve years ago. I have several books in different stages but Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy is my debut novel.

James : What made you choose this genre and the title of your book?

Leslie: Well that is an odd thing, It actually chose itself, I had no idea when I sat down to begin writing, and decided to incorporate a dream I had the previous evening. The story just began writing itself and while I had to step in and make adjustments and ad characters, it was an amazing process.

As for the title, I began with the title Eldwitch:Worldgate, but once completed it seemed too heavy of a name. I took a poll from my friends and family with about 30 different variations of names about the book, and this was the popular choice.

James: Where do you get the inspiration for your stories?

Leslie : I get my inspiration from the books I have adored my whole life and the imagination I developed while I immersed myself in my reading and became the characters of those books.

James: Can you enlighten us a little more about your books?

Leslie : Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy is about a young girl who finds she is destined to save a world from destruction. Unaware of her heritage she is born with a magic unique to only one world, but she does not understand it. It will take the help of two other just like her to save their homes from destruction. It is only as she learns of this that she realizes for the first time that she is not alone. She must bravely travel to the other two worlds in order to begin her quest and find the answers.

James: Is there anything else you would like your readers to pay special attention in regards to your book, which you have not mentioned above?

Leslie : It is a book on renewal and a bit of faith. It is also a Young Adult crossover fantasy with a bit of romance as well.

James: When do you plan to publish your book 2.

Leslie : I am currently published on Amazon in Kindle Format and expect to have the physical copy available by the end of June. You can read an exceprt at and sign up for a drawing for an autographed copy when it is released on that website as well.
James : How many volume of books for the above series ?

Leslie : At this time based on the feedback I am receiving I expect there to be a total of three and possibly four to the series. While Splintered: Sierra’s Legacy is a standalone novel is does leave a few questions that will be answered in further titles. 

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